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North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor Endorses Adjunct Organizing

A delegate meeting of the North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor passed a resolution on October 8th supporting adjunct faculty organizing efforts and Campus Equity Week 2014. The text of the resolution:

WHEREAS: At least 5,000 non-union and non-tenure track faculty currently working at Cleveland-area colleges and universities.

WHEREAS: There are currently over 100,000 students enrolled in colleges and universities in the Cleveland area, who increasingly depend on the instruction and guidance of these adjunct professors. Students can pay upwards of $60,00 in tuition and living expenses every year to attend a college or university in the Cleveland area.

WHEREAS: Adjunct professors should be adequately supported by their institutions for their growing presence and role in the academic pursuits of students in the Cleveland area, yet adjunct professors have little job security and must take on heavy course loads in order to make ends meet.

WHEREAS: As many Cleveland-area colleges and universities do not provide health care benefits to their adjunct professors.  Adjunct professors in the Cleveland area should be paid fair wages and benefits that allow them to support themselves and their families.

THEREFORE be it resolved: the North Shore Federation of Labor expresses support for fair wages and benefits for Cleveland’s adjunct professors, the right of Cleveland’s adjunct professors to form a union, and the adoption of free and fair union election principles, which establish that workers are free to make up their own mind under fair voting conditions without interference by college and university administrations.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED:The North Shore AFL-CIO encourages Cleveland-area adjunct faculty to organize and form unions to gain a voice on campus to improve their own working conditions and their students’ learning conditions.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED: The North Shore Federation of Labor endorses Campus Equity Week 2014 events taking place around the nation meant to heighten awareness of and improve the conditions of all contingent faculty in higher education.