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‘Tis the Season . . . to File for Unemployment

Adjuncts facing several weeks without pay and/or no or reduced class assignments in the spring need to file for unemployment.  Check your eligibility and file at ODJFS

When filing for unemployment, always remember to report that your term of employment at your Fall 2015 school has ended.  Your employment documents demonstrate that you do NOT have “reasonable assurance” of continuing employment there — quote any such language:

“The College reserves the right to cancel this contract and/or class(es) for any or no reason, including but not limited to, if enrollment is insufficient, or if the College determines it must assign the class(es) to a full-time faculty member, or for any other reason. This contract and employment is subject to all appropriate College approvals and policies. Contracts are offered by semester and/or academic year, based on the needs of the College. Acceptance of this contract does not guarantee that the College will offer you additional contracts in the future.
By acknowledging and submitting the assignment(s) associated with this contract, you are electronically accepting this contract in accordance with the conditions stated above.” [Tri-C]

Point out as well that an ODJFS document affirms that adjuncts do not have reasonable assurance:  ( second page, bottom of left column).

If your claim is contested, appeal.  Refer to our Powerpoint on the process:

And report your experience at the NFM Unemployment Compensation Initiative web site: