About us

About us

The Ohio Part-time Faculty Association advocates for the interests of part-time faculty members in institutions of higher learning in the state of Ohio.

We provide part-time faculty members, including graduate students and full-time non-tenure track faculty members, with a real and virtual meeting place where members can gather to offer support, share information and work together on strategies to improve higher education by improving the working conditions of the majority of its faculty. We also provide guidance and resources to help such efforts.

The Association works to improve higher education in Ohio by advancing and protecting the rights of all current and future part-time faculty members.To that end, our focus for the immediate future is to provide a means by which part-time faculty can communicate with each other and strategize on how best to bring about reform.

Download our OPTFA informational handout.

The solution

Join with colleagues across the state to stand up for professional working conditions  to ensure optimal student learning conditions!

This association is for faculty who believe that whether through unions or not, part-time faculty should work together to promote greater respect and better working conditions for the people charged with the important job of educating our state’s college students.

How to reach us

By email

If you would like to get involved in the work of the OPTFA, please send us an email at optfa@newfacultymajority.info.

By snail mail

P.O. Box 470019
Broadview Heights, OH 44147

Join our listserv

You can also join our discussion listserv to keep abreast of current discussions regarding adjunct faculty issues and become part of the ongoing discussion.

Organizing Committee Co-Chairs

April Freely at april.freely.optfa@newfacultymajority.info

David Wilder at david.wilder.optfa@newfacultymajority.info


Maria Maisto
President, New Faculty Majority
Contingent Faculty Member in Ohio

Matt Williams
Vice President, New Faculty Majority
Former Contingent Faculty Member in Ohio


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    Does anyone have a way to file for unemployment? I have tried in the past and get rejected. Thanks

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