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April 22, 2016 Panel Discussion on “Cultivating an Ethics of the Public Good in Higher Education” — and article in The Carroll News

December 11, 2014 Editorial in The Carroll News: “The Price of Education”

Akron Beacon Journal. Adjunct college instructors seek unemployment compensation. July 4, 2013.

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Documents for your unemployment compensation claim or appeal

If you have been employed as part-time faculty at John Carroll University and are now applying for unemployment compensation — or filing an appeal of your denial of benefits — because you are unemployed during summer term, we recommend that you review the following documents and consider using language from them and/or including them with your claim and/or appeal.

They were successfully used by a part-time faculty member who won unemployment benefits after a telephone hearing conducted by hearing officer Emily Briscoe with Ohio’s Unemployment Compensation Review Commission.

Important: The telephone hearing appeal before Ohio’s Unemployment Compensation Review Commission is your last opportunity to submit documents and/or evidence that you think will support your case. Be sure to submit any pertinent documents by the telephone hearing deadline. After that point, no additional documentation will be considered in the appeals process.

  1. A PDF on the ODJFS website explaining school employment and “reasonable assurance” It states explicitly that if a job offer is contingent on enrollments, funding, etc, one DOES NOT have reasonable assurance and is eligible to receive benefits.
  2. A copy of the part-time lecturer contract that you sign every term, which states that the course offering is dependent on enrollment and staffing needs of full time faculty.
  3. A PDF of the JCU’s website Course Schedule for your department. One part-time instructor’s course was cancelled during the term in question. This showed that courses offered to part-time faculty are contingent upon enrollment.
  4. A Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Program Letter (UIPL) explaining what can and cannot be considered “reasonable assurance”. This does not specify enrollments, but rather factors that are not within the institution’s control (e.g. enrollments).
  5. The hearing officer based her ruling on a Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals decision, Univ. of Akron vs. Ohio Depart. of Job and Family Servs. 2009-Ohio-3172, which makes the distinction of “moderate guarantee.” The hearing officer ruled that an offer contingent upon enrollment and the possibility of being bumped by a member of the full-time faculty did not the meet the threshold of “moderate guarantee”. Include a copy of this document in your appeal.

The ruling also includes this language: “Conversely, benefits should be paid to an individual for any week of unemployment that begins during the period between two successive academic years or terms who does not have a contract or reasonable assurance of employment. This section contemplates the instructor’s receipt of a teaching contract or a “reasonable assurance” of employment before benefits can be denied. Mere notice to ODJFS is inadequate.

“{¶20} In its decision that Stotler did not have reasonable assurance of employment with the University until August 5, the Commission relied on the fact that Stotler did not receive written notice that she would be teaching in the fall until the first week of August. Upon review, we need not consider whether the University was required to provide Stotler with written notice. The Commission correctly determined that the University failed to provide Stotler a reasonable assurance of employment – written or otherwise.”

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