Lakeland Community College

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Lakeland Ajunct Group (LAG) contact information

Evan Chaloupka at and Carolyn Berg at

Lakeland Adjunct Group events

LAG Meeting: March 9, 2014. Time and location to come.

LAG action items

LAG has identified three major areas to explore:

  1. pay scale for adjuncts with an effort toward establishing a more equitable wage;
  2. possibility that LCC could offer an opportunity for adjuncts to buy into a group health insurance program;
  3. administrative policy on sick pay.

Public records provided by LCC

Response to OPTFA’s June 27, 2013, Public Records Request
  • Report on number of unemployment compensation claims filed by part-time faculty and the number of claims disputed by LCC from 2009 to 2013
  • Part-time Faculty Handbook

Budget for Part-time faculty: 2004-2014

List of staff members who retired and were rehired: 2001-2013

Other LCC resources

LCC news

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