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Documents for your unemployment compensation claim or appeal

If you have been employed as part-time faculty at the University of Akron and are now applying for unemployment compensation — or filing an appeal of your denial of benefits — we recommend that you review the following documents and consider using language from them and/or including them with your claim and/or appeal. They were successfully used by a part-time faculty member who won unemployment benefits after a telephone hearing conducted by a hearing officer with Ohio’s Unemployment Compensation Review CommissionRead her story.

Important: The telephone hearing appeal before Ohio’s Unemployment Compensation Review Commission is your last opportunity to submit documents and/or evidence that you think will support your case. Be sure to submit any pertinent documents by the telephone hearing deadline. After that point, no additional documentation will be considered in the appeals process.

  • Part-time faculty positions currently posted on the University of Akron website include the word (Temporary) after the posting’s designation as a Part Time position. If you are applying for unemployment compensation or appealing an unemployment compensation denial, you may want to include this information in your claim or appeal.
    Here is the link to one such position description:
    Title: Instructor, English Composition
    Department: English
    Location: Akron Campus
    Full|Part Time: Part Time (Temporary)
    Job Requisition #: 201310
  • ODJFS redetermination granting a UA part-time faculty member unemployment benefits for summer 2013
  • Text for unemployment compensation redetermination of benefits (appeal)
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Act definitions of “reasonable assurance of employment” vs. “possibility of employment”
  • UA policy regarding part-time faculty appointments: page 1
  • UA policy regarding part-time faculty appointments: page 2
  • UA policy regarding part-time faculty appointments: page 3 (see graphic below for pertinent text to include) Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 2.12.58 PM
  • UA policy on general academic and administrative personnel matters: page 1
  • UA policy on general academic and administrative personnel matters: page 2
  • UA policy on general academic and administrative personnel matters: page 3

Public records provided by UA

Oct. 9, 2013, Response to OPTFA’s Sept. 26, 2013, Public Records Request

In this document, the university admits it does not comply with its own hiring guidelines for part-time faculty. Read UA doesn’t follow required hiring guidelines for adjunct faculty, Jan. 8, 2013.

Response to OPTFA’s June 27, 2013, Public Records Request
  • UA Response Letter dated July 15, 2013
    In this letter, UA states that a list of part-time faculty who have been assigned courses for fall semester 2013, as well as contracts for those faculty, will not be available until October.
  • UA Response Letter dated July 26, 2013
  • Part-Time Faculty Grievance Memo for a grievance filed by a part-time faculty member grieving “the fact that he was not offered a part-time teaching contract for Spring 2008,” was resolved March 31, 2008. UA claims this is the only grievance ever filed by a part-time faculty member.

In this memo, UA states that “The University of Akron has no obligation to hire part-time faculty on a continuing basis. On the contrary, part-time contracts are offered on a semester-only basis with no implicit or explicit guarantees of future employment.”

The memo also states, “While it is true that _______ (name redacted by OPTFA) taught for The University of Akron for many semesters in the past, our committee does not see this as a justification for his re-hiring in the future … The University of Akron has no obligation to hire a part-time faculty member on a continuing basis.”

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