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Get funding for Campus Equity Week event

If you would like to plan a Campus Equity Week event for your campus, apply for a grant now.

The New Faculty Majority Campus Equity Week Grant is available to help local organizations with scarce resources sponsor Campus Equity Week activities during CEW 2013, October 28 – November 2.

The deadline for NFM CEW Grant applications has been extended to Tuesday, October 15, 2013. Get the details here. Download the application.

Attend an Ohio CEW event
So far, there are two CEW events planned in Ohio, the Ohio Higher Education Campus Equity Week Summit in Columbus on Oct. 26 and the solo play FOR Profit on the University of Akron campus on Oct. 28.

Kasich’s budget bill would add to faculty workload

If Governor John Kasich’s proposed 2013 budget (HB 59) passes, boards at public institutions of higher education would have the right to modify college faculty workload policy, requiring all full-time faculty to teach an additional course in one of the next two academic years.

The increased workload would then become the “new minimum for faculty members to maintain,” according to a March 4 Inside Higher Ed article, thus allowing boards to ignore workload provisions in faculty union contracts.

The bill, whch includes a number of other provisions related to higher education, still requires approval by both houses of the General Assembly. Republicans control both the Ohio House and Senate.

The Ohio Conference of AAUP has issued a statement against the provision and plans to partner with like-minded organizations to have the offending language removed from the buget.

Locate your state representative or senator to communicate about this issue or any other.