Email from Lakeland College to part-time faculty re: ACA

To: ptfac, ptcon

From: Catherine Bush/HR/Administration/LCC

Date: 03/19/2013 05:51PM

Cc: Margaret Bartow/Employee/Administration/LCC@LCC, Mary Ann Blakeley/HR/Administration/LCC@LCC, Michael E. Mayher/BUS_SERV/Administration/LCC@LCC, William Kraus/Employee/Administration/LCC@LCC, Deborah L. Hardy/SH/Academic/LCC@LCC, Steven Oluic/SSPS/Academic/LCC@LCC, Gary L. Eith/COMED/Academic/LCC@LCC, Donald Killeen/AH/Academic/LCC@LCC, Judith C. Greig/Academic/LCC@LCC, Rita A. Smolik/SH/Academic/LCC@LCC, Margaret M. Tallion/CAS/Academic/LCC@LCC, Dione DeMitro/PO/Administration/LCC@LCC, Department Chairs, Human Resources

Subject: Healthcare Reform: Implications for Lakeland’s Part-time Faculty


By now, you’ve no doubt read a good deal about the healthcare reform act, or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  This act defines part-time employment as 29 hours of paid employment per week, or 129 hours per month.  In the case of part-time faculty paid a flat rate per unit/class, the PPACA requires the college to recognize all hours spent working inside and outside of the classroom.  This means that hours spent in preparation, grading, answering students’ e-mails, etc. are taken into consideration when determining the number of hours a part-time instructor is being paid to work per week or per month.

Effective July 1, part-time faculty load limits have been adjusted to comply with the requirements of the act.  The attached chart, Converting Units of Load to Work Hours per Week, summarizes the new maximum number of units of load that can be taught across sixteen, eight, or five week sessions.  Please note that because the computation is based on hours worked weekly, as opposed to for the year or semester as a whole, there are implications for what a part-time faculty member can be assigned.  For example, nine load units for a traditional, 3 credit, 16 week course could be assigned, but nine could not be assigned for ‘second eight week’ courses because the weekly number of work hours would be too high.  Note the 18 unit cap per academic year remains unchanged.

The PPACA is challenging all colleges and universities to manage their human resources differently or be subject to additional costs and penalties.  With these new restrictions, except in very limited circumstances, employees will no longer be offered multiple assignments.  Substitute assignments will also count toward the 29 hour per week maximum.  Thus, a part-time faculty member teaching the maximum load equating to 29 hours of work per week will not be offered substitute assignments.

The college administration is currently working with legal counsel to revise our proffer letter and faculty assignment sheet.  We do not anticipate any change to the timing of when staffing decisions are made for future semesters.  I encourage you to work directly with your department chair and routinely check your campus e-mail for updates.  Your division dean is prepared to serve as a resource as well.

Thank you for your patience as we learn more about this law and consider how to structure our environment in response to it.  In the meantime, please be assured that we recognize and deeply appreciate the important role that our part-time faculty members play in the success of our students.

Cathy Bush

Director for Human Resources

(See attached file: Units of Load to Work Hours Per Week Conversion.xlsx)

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