Possible Lakeland Community College Strike

In the event of a strike by the full time faculty of Lakeland Community College, the Ohio Part Time Faculty Association urges part time faculty in the area who may be called upon to teach as replacements to refrain from doing so and honor the full time faculty strike. Adjuncts can be instrumental in achieving a victory. Our legitimate needs and concerns as part time adjuncts will be significantly undercut if the Lakeland administration can, by dividing us, defeat the full time faculty. All faculty will gain strength through solidarity!


  1. Steve says:

    I know a few adjuncts at Lakeland, and I have to ask just what the full time staff and union have done to earn the trust and loyalty of the adjuncts? Adjuncts who don’t have the protections the full-timers have and can be dismissed at will, or (as more commonly happens) just not be invited back the next semester. Who now face a choice between putting food on the table, alienating administration who may be able to hire them full-time or block their adjunct contracts, or alienating the faculty who would sit on hiring committees.

    While crossing a picket line is never to be taken lightly, unions are formed and function on respect. From my secondary experience, I haven’t seen much respect coming from the other side. It helps to build these relationship before you have to call upon them.

    What can the full-time staff and union do to earn this? Support the adjuncts, help curb the trend of shifting full-time positions to adjuncts (creating more full-time opportunities), extend workplace protections and maybe negotiate raises for adjuncts along with their contracts. Maybe add provisions to support hiring from within instead of viewing the adjuncts as “people who only want to work part-time.” It’s a tall order and from what I can see from the outside is going to require a cultural change, for which there is currently no pressure on the full-timers to make that change.

    Not that the administration did themselves any favors by offering only substitute pay (if they were smart and wanted to really threaten the union, they should have offered full-time equivalent pay).

    So, yes, I know a few who are struggling with this matter this weekend. It would have been good if the full-time staff had built the relationship of trust and respect beforehand. It would have made some of my friends decisions easier.

  2. Robin Laukhuf says:

    P-T business faculty

  3. C. Green says:

    My comment was “moderated” read deleted because I dared to speak the truth. This organization is a front for the Union. You can try to silence us, but it will only make us stronger. We will cross the picket line

  4. C. Green says:

    Support them so they can make $40k extra in
    The summer teaching online? 8 of the 10
    Top earners are union members. They could
    Care less about students. Adjunct at LCC have
    Only received on raise in 7 Years. I am crossing
    To support students

  5. Sharon Catherine Buckman says:

    About time the OPTFA says something resembling guidance to adjuncts regarding the Lakeland strike. Meanwhile, already underpaid adjuncts are being bombarded by the Lakeland administration to cross the picket lines to keep their precious cash cow school running. And I suspect that adjuncts who choose not to be scabs will get their paychecks hit as a result. Sad situation! Check out this salary:

  6. A Nonny mous says:

    I’m not sure I believe that standing pat with the full time faculty will get us anything. They will get a raise (in addition to the 1.5% they’ve already gotten). They will continue to get benefits (nothing for part timers–in fact we got our hours slashed because the administration couldn’t/wouldn’t grant us benefits). They will continue to get the pick of classes and make sure that we don’t get summer classes. They will also make sure to cut us out of any possible decision making at the university, including (in some departments) how we teach our classes.

    Since they don’t support us, why on earth would I support them?

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