Publicizing ACA’s effects on adjuncts is priority for OPTFA

The Ohio Part-Time Faculty Association held two meetings in February, on Sunday, Feb. 24, and Wednesday, Feb. 27. If you couldn’t make it to either meeting and would like to know what happened, here are some key points:

  • A high priority will be efforts to help publicize the effects of the Affordable Care Act for adjunct course-loads around the state. See News page for more about this issue.
  • Another priority item is to put more pressure on religiously-affiliated colleges and universities to support adjunct organizing efforts, and/or unionization efforts—as these institutions are not covered by state laws that preclude recognition of such efforts on behalf of adjuncts.
  • New committees were established:
    • Communications Committee, chaired by Kitt. Will establish media plan that includes promotional materials, media releases, possible YouTube video.
    • Bylaws Committee, chaired by Evan. Will draft Mission Statement that includes membership status.
  • Election of officers will be held by April 30.F
  • OPTFA has established social media accounts:

Get the full February 2013 Meeting Report and our schedule of meetings and other events.

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