An Adjunct’s Reading/Viewing List

A Reading/Viewing List from New Faculty Majority’s Maria Maisto, president


This list is neither definitive nor comprehensive. These are texts that I’ve found informative, inspirational and/or thought-provoking. I think those with an asterisk are essential.

*Berry, Joe. Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education. New York: Monthly Review Press, 2005.

*___. “The Value of Forging Alliances.” Chronicle of Higher Education. 16 June 2006.

Degrees of Shame: Part-Time Faculty: Migrant Workers of the Information Economy. Dir. Barbara Wolf. Barbara Wolf Video Work. 1997. Film.

*Goldstene, Claire. “The Politics of Contingent Academic Labor.” Thought & Action (Fall 2012): 7-15.

*Hamilton, N., and J. Gaff, eds. The Future of the Professoriate: Academic Freedom, Peer Review, and Shared Governance. Washington, D.C. Association of American Colleges and Universities. 2009. White Paper.

Heath, C., and D. Heath. Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard. New York: Broadway Books, 2010. Print.

Hoeller, Keith. “The Future of the Contingent Faculty Movement.” Inside Higher Ed, 15 November 2007.

June, Audrey Williams. “A Canadian College Where Adjuncts Go to Prosper.” Chronicle of Higher Education. 25 July 2010. Web.

*Kezar, Adrianna, ed. Embracing Non-Tenure-track Faculty: Changing Campuses for the New Faculty Majority. Routledge, 2012. Print.

*Kezar, Adrianna & Cecile Sam. Understanding the New Majority of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in Higher Education: Demographics, Experiences, and Plans of Action. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 2010. ASHE Higher Education Report Series 36:4.

*___. Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in Higher Education. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 2011. ASHE Higher Education Report Series 36:5.

Maguire, Daniel C. “Seeking the Path to Adjunct Justice at Marquette University.” Thought & Action (Fall 1998): 47-55.

*Moser, Richard. “Campus Democracy, Community, and Academic Citizenship.” Chicago, Illinois. Conference on Contingent Academic Labor VI. August 2004. Paper.

*___. “Starting Campus Coalitions.” AAUP. Web. 22 March 2013.

*Moyer, Bill. The Practical Strategist: Movement Action Plan (MAP) Strategic Theories for Evaluating, Planning, and Conducting Social Movements. San Francisco: Social Movement Empowerment Project, 1990.

*Musil, Caryn McTighe. “Red Blood Cells on Reserve.” On Campus with Women. 37:3 (Winter 2009). Web. 22 March 2013.

*Pink, Daniel.  Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Riverhead Books, 2011. RSA Animate Video:

*Rhoades, Gary. “We Are All Contingent.” Virginia Commonwealth University. Virginia Conference AAUP. 26 February 2010. Keynote Address.

*Street, S., Maisto, M., Merves, E., & Rhoades, G.   (2012).  Who is Professor “Staff” and how can this person teach so many classes?  Center for the Future of Higher Education.

Ruiz, Eddy A. “The Stone that Struck Goliath: The Part-Time Faculty Association, Washington State Community and Technical Colleges, and Class-Action Lawsuits.” New Directions for Community Colleges. 2007:140 (Winter 2007): 49–54.

*Schell, Eileen. Gypsy Academics and Mother-Teachers. Heinemann, 1997. Print.

Schmidt, P. (2011). Unions confront the fault lines between adjuncts and full-timers. (Cover story). Chronicle of Higher Education, 58(14), A1-A6.

Teachers on Wheels. Dir. Linda Janakos. Film.

Yoshioka, Robert B. 2007. “Part-Time Faculty in California: Successes, Challenges, and Future Issues.” New Directions for Community Colleges.” New Directions for Community Colleges. 2007:140 (Winter 2007): 41–47.

Administrator perspectives with which we should be familiar:

Gappa, Judith, Anne Austin and Andrea Trice. Rethinking Faculty Work: Higher Education’s Strategic Imperative. Jossey-Bass, 2007. Print.

Gappa, Judith and David Leslie. The Invisible Faculty: Improving the Status of Part-timers in Higher Education. Jossey-Bass, 1993. Print.

Jaschik, Scott. “Call to Arms for Adjuncts . . . From an Administrator.” Inside Higher Ed. 14 October 2008. Web. 22 March 2013.

Miami Dade Community College Adjunct Faculty Recruiting Video. 2010. Film.

Peer Review: Contingent Faculty and Student Learning. 5:1 Fall 2002. Print.

*Roueche, John; Suanne Roueche and Mark David Milliron, Strangers in Their Own Land: Part-time Faculty in American Community Colleges. Community College Press. 1997. Print. [Milliron is former Deputy Director for Postsecondary Improvement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; now Chancellor of WGU Texas.]

*Wallin Desna L. (ed).  Adjunct Faculty in Community Colleges: An Academic Administrator’s Guide to Recruiting, Supporting, and Retaining Great Teachers. Jossey-Bass, 2005. Print.

Two that I hope are helpful:

Maisto, Maria. “The Adjunct’s Moment of Truth.” Inside Higher Ed. 10 September 2009. Web.

Maisto, Maria, and M. Williams. “Go to College to Learn What Senate Bill 5 Will Do.” The Plain Dealer. 27 February 2011. Op-ed.



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