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Update: Stephen Koff’s story, “Obamacare’s part-timer consequence: Limited work hours at colleges, municipalities,” was published at on Sept. 6. April Freely, co-chair of the OPTFA Organizing Committee, and Maria Maisto, president of New Faculty Majority and executive director of the New Faculty Majority Foundation, are quoted in the article.

A reporter from the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Washington Bureau has contacted us looking for stories about how the Affordable Care Act has affected part-time faculty in Ohio. Here is the message he posted on our Facebook page:

Stephen Koff posted on Ohio Part-Time Faculty Association’s timeline
“I’m trying to reach adjuncts in Ohio whose hours have been cut or restricted by universities that worry about the 30-hour full-time standard of the Affordable Care Act. Been affected already? Call me: Steve Koff, Washington Bureau Chief, Cleveland Plain Dealer. 202-567-2600. Or send me email with your info at Thanks!”Please contact Stephen Koff directly if you are willing to share your story.

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