Submit paper proposal for panel on workplace inequality

Elizabeth Faue, professor of history at Wayne State University, is organizing a panel for the labor network for the 38th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association in Chicago, November 21-24.

Following on the conference theme, “Organizing Powers,” she is looking for papers that would fit under the topic: Organizing the Dirty Work: Workplace Inequality, Civil Rights, and the Politics of Occupational Health and Safety. She has two papers so far, one on African American workers at the Rouge and one on women and the UAW efforts prior to Johnson Controls.

Contact her at or if you would like to present a paper or volunteer as commentator.The panel proposal deadline is firm and is Feb. 15. Get the call for papers.

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  1. Wittaya says:

    In physiology, CNS puclnbatiois are as rare as wings on a pig but a handful of first authored pubs in field-specific journals always look good (AJP, JAP, MSSE, etc). When I applied for and got my TT job, I had 5 first author puclnbatiois from grad school and I think 1 published and 1 submitted from postdoc plus a handful of middle author papers. I’m at an R1 but not one that’s famous for physiology.Am on a TT search committee at the moment and this is similar to what we’re looking for. The applicants range from clueless n00bs who haven’t even finished grad school to a few with postdoc experience and good non-CNS puclnbatiois. One or two have independent funding that could travel but they aren’t necessary our top applicants for various reasons.Also, the requirements to be competitive will likely depend on the institution and department to which you’re applying. My guess is that physiology departments within a medical school will want to see good pubs and independent funding compared to standalone physiology departments or those within other colleges or schools.

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