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Turnout and media coverage make May Day rally at UA a success


Full-time faculty members at UA came out to support their part-time colleagues. Included among them were Patricia Millhoff at far right.

Today’s May Day Rally for Equity at the University of Akron was a huge success, with about 100 adjuncts, full-time faculty, staff, students and community members coming out to support a living wage & health care for the 70 percent of the faculty who teach 75 percent of general studies courses at UA.

Part-time faculty from UA attended the event, but they were also supported by adjuncts from area institutions such as Youngstown State University, Tri-C, John Carroll, and Lakeland Community College.

Students wonder what they can do

But that’s not all. The sunny skies and balmy temperatures brought hundreds of students outdoors. They milled about the Student Union plaza, stopping to watch, ask questions, collect information and share their thoughts about how their part-time faculty are treated at UA. Many had some familiarity with the inequitable treatment that adjuncts face. And some asked, “What can I do?”

The answer: Contact your university president and other administrators and tell them you want your faculty to be paid20130501_134335 a living wage and provided with health benefits. Contact UA President Dr. Luis Proenza, at proenza@uakron.edu or at 330-972-7074. Contact the UA Board of Trustees at 330-972-7873 or at BoardOffice@uakron.edu. You can also contact Bill Viau, Associate Vice President for Talent Development & Human Resources, at viau@uakron.edu

Media coverage

Today, the Buchtelite ran a story about UA’s $26 million deficit, the plight of part-time faculty and the May Day rally.

The Buchtelite storyCleveland Plain Dealer, Akron Beacon Journal, The Repository / CantonRep.com, and 19 Action News were there to cover the event, so look for their news stories later today or tomorrow.

The Beacon’s story, “UA’s part-time faculty complain about cut in workload,” was already online this afternoon.

More photos

You can also find more photos of today’s rally on the OPTFA Facebook page.

May 2, 2013 Update: Get links to media coverage here.