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Ohio Part-time Faculty Association meets Jan. 27 at 6 p.m.

Start the new year right by joining us for the first 2013 meeting of the Ohio Part-time Faculty Association.

Location: The new office of New Faculty Majority and the OPTFA. The address is Copley Commons, 2830 Copley Road, Suite 26, Copley, Ohio 44321.

Agenda: Our agenda will include formally establishing the OPTFA, identifying people as candidates for leadership positions, and discussing what we see as priorities for the new year.  We will also get a firsthand perspective from Maria Maisto, president of New Faculty Majority and executive director of the New Faculty Majority Foundation, of the January 2013 Modern Language Association Convention, which raised the energy level and the buzz surrounding adjunct faculty issues.

Refreshments: We will serve pizza and soft drinks.

RSVP: to optfa@newfacultymajority.info

Download the event flyer to post in your department and share with your colleagues and friends.