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Watch, comment on PBS broadcast on faculty

The PBS NewsHour story on faculty retirements and contingent faculty that aired last night is now available for viewing online.

The story included brief commentary about the plight of adjunct faculty, including footage of adjunct faculty member Joe Fruscione of the University of Maryland and George Washington University.

Afterward, this comment was posted by Paul Solman of PBS NewsHour:

“We were well aware of the process of “adjunctification” in higher education, regardless of age. That is a different story, one we very much intend to do. We have been corresponding with Maria Maisto about it. In fact, the correspondents in this thread may be of help. We found it difficult to find adjuncts willing to talk to us on camera. Joe, your cooperation made you a rare bird. Many we contacted were afraid of jeopardizing their already tenuous positions. Understandably. But this may a good venue for asking particularly “exploited” adjuncts to let us know if they are willing to be interviewed for the story we’re researching. To any of you who are willing: please contact us at businessdesk@newshour.org.”


PBS NewsHour focuses on faculty, contingent faculty tonight

There will be a PBS NewsHour story tonight on faculty retirements and contingent facultypbs newshour experiences.  Tune in and respond to the story — if PBS sees strong interest in the subject, they may do an additional story focused only on contingent faculty.


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