Tri-C adjuncts to meet Feb. 21

Tri-C adjunct faculty will meet at 2:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 21, at Panera, 6700 Rockside Rd, Indepedence, just off I-77. The event is open to adjunct faculty at all Tri-C campuses.

Issues of equity for adjuncts will be on the agenda. This will include how the recently announced IRS regulations regarding calculating adjunct hours will affect their workloads, as well as their their ability to obtain health care benefits under the Affordable Care Act.

For more details on the IRS regulations, visit our News page and read these stories:

For more information about the Feb. 21 meeting, email

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  1. Addie Adjunct says:

    I hope there will be a chance to talk about the levy promotion fundraising effort currently going on. I got the “Valentine’s Day card” from the fundraising committee in the mail this past week and it honestly p****d me off to no end. The lowest paycheck deduction category was listed at $2.00 per pay for those employees earning at least $24,000 per year, yet what adjunct at this college is able to earn even that? Does this committee even read its own promotional materials and relate it to the real life circumstances of college employees? I’m sure our permissible ESUs and wages will fall even lower after the Obamacare limits are put into place. I absolutely refuse to support this levy until the college decides to support its teachers with a living wage! Without teachers, there can be no college; we’re the most fundamental and required element in the process of education, but the administrators and trustees don’t seem to remember that simple fact. I think every administrator, every trustee, every media outlet should get flooded with snail mail, email, and every other type of communication concerning the plight of adjuncts during this levy year. I’d happily give $10 from each pay towards an organized effort like that.

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