Upcoming Events include “Adjunct Engagement Session” at Tri-C, Adjunct Dignity Day across Ohio

Adjuncts at Tri-C have been invited to attend an “Adjunct Engagement Session” on February 21 from 8:30 to 1 pm at Metro Campus which will be attended by all the college presidents.  The session is intended to highlight the college’s plans for promoting student success. This session counts toward professional development ESUs.  Many Tri-C OPTFA members plan to attend and look forward to productive conversation with the college presidents about how to support student success, including by addressing the well-documented connection between faculty working conditions and student learning conditions.

To prepare for this meeting, we recommend the following resources, among others:

The Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success

From The Association of American Colleges and Universities

From New Faculty Majority Foundation and the Center for the Future of Higher Education

From The House Education and Workforce Committee

AND: On February 25, OPTFA, together with New Faculty Majority and the Ohio Higher Education Coalition, is sponsoring Adjunct Dignity Day, a day to highlight the essential role that adjunct faculty play on college campuses across Ohio and a day to begin mobilizing ongoing action to educate college leaders, students, community members, boards of trustees, and legislators to show college students respect by respecting their instructors and giving those educators the professional, institutional support they need to do their jobs effectively.    Download an Adjunct Dignity Day flyer here


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